Thursday, October 24, 2013

Enter In

I heard Jesus say to me "Enter In".  It was a simple little phrase that has captured my mind for the past few days. What happens in the entering in? What is it to enter in? I considered how a child is conceived;  sperm enters into the egg and creates a new life.  Miracle upon miracle, that a uniquely beautiful human being would be created from this act of entering in.  So it is with our lives in Christ. When we enter into Jesus we bear the fruit of life in Christ. 

To the broken and the lonely,
hear Jesus say "Enter In"

To the one who has diligently toiled only to find hands empty and hearth gone cold,
Hear Jesus say "Enter In"

To the one who has wept till eyes and nose were red and soggy,
Hear Jesus say "Enter In"

It is in the entering in that the miracle of Joy is fulfilled. It is in the entering that the aroma of Christ fills the senses, delights the heart, refreshes the soul. 

Enter in...

Come to Jesus all of you who are weary and heavy laden.
Come find Rest!

There is a rest for your striving soul in the entering in...
There is peace in the presence of God.

Go for a walk in the coolness of the day and with arms outstretched invite Jesus to Enter In!  Give God a moment of your undivided attention.  Even if it means that the vacuum is playing your background music offer up a song of praise to God.  Say to Him that you welcome Him. Say to Him that you need Him, long for Him, love Him.  It is in the entering in today that you will find life abundantly.

Today, remember that this life in Jesus is fashioned in intimacy with the very King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  We are His bride, daughter, sister, brother.. these are words to describe deep connection... and so it is with Christ.

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