Friday, July 12, 2013

For when you need to remember God does miracles

Here is my Mom, Diane, telling her story of the miracle God worked in her life a few days ago.  Honestly, I stand amazed by God.  Enjoy.
love, Judy

I took this picture the Thursday morning on my way out to work.  I am simply amazed that this heavy metal garage door bent around my three skinny little finger tips. You can see in the door where God, in His infinite mercy, bent the door around my fingers which resulted in my not losing my index, middle, and fourth fingertips. Instead of going to Girls Ministry and being a part of a beautiful night of teaching and sweet testimony, I would have been in the hospital and maimed for life if God had not worked this miracle.
 How it happened:  my power was out from the storm.  I had difficulty opening the heavy metal door.  I had managed to get it up but when I pulled it down, it was falling too fast.  I tried to slow it down so it would not bend from the bounce of hitting the ground too fast but my hand slipped into the gap and when the garage door straightened my fingers were flattened in the door.  I was literally trapped, unable to free my hand.  In pain, I began screaming for help from my neighbors.  After several minutes, That "still small voice" told me to raise the door and what had taken me two hands and much effort to raise, I was able to do 1 handed at a very awkward angle.  

Look at the dent in the door!  My small fingertips did not do that.  For any of your ladies that are discouraged, show them that God is able to do everything, show them this picture!!!  God makes a way where there is no other way.   He is a defender to the Widow and a constant help in times of trouble.  He is my deliverer!  He is all I need.  I am healed.  I am encouraged and I stand in awe of His faithfulness.  Whomever you need to share this with , do so because God DOES bend the metal of our lives even if it is to get a Girls Ministry teacher to class because she baked cookies and had a fun game, and His word for those 10 year olds.  God cares about His children, old and young, and this picture is God's sweet and tangible testimony of His very real presence in my life and your ministry.  Bless you my sweet sister in Christ.  I am well and rejoicing in God's mysterious and powerful mercy, healing, and provision.  Diane